Captain's Message

Every year a fleet of historically significant sailing vessels comes to join our ships at Dana Point. They come not only to display their beauty and majesty but also to share with the public a maritime history that is inextricably part of California's past, a heritage we work hard to preserve as we educate future generations about our oceans. It is in support of this effort that we assemble these great ships for all to experience.

Dori Dennis Moorehead
President and CEO, Ocean Institute

Ocean Institute of Dana Point 2014 Tall Ship Festival

Sailor Speak - 101

Ahoy Mates! Learn the lingo for life at sea. Here are some basics...

Ahoy: Hello
Avast: Stop
Aye: Yes
Aye Aye: Yes I understood your orders and yes, I will carry them out
Carry-on: When an officer or mate wants you to begin an order you have been given
Sir: The Captain.  Always call the Captain Sir (and nobody else)

Cannon Battles

Experience the sights, smells, and sounds of a real working tall ship! Enjoy blasting cannons, towering rigging, bustling decks and the magnificence of canvas full of wind. Work with the crew hauling up sail or simply sit back and enjoy the spectacular demonstration of skill, knowledge and survival!

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